Cricket's Historians

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By Peter Wynne-Thomas

This ground-breaking volume, produced by a man whose expertise in his field is unparalleled, traces how writers treated the history of cricket and its related ‘records’, from Britcher and Strutt in the late 18th century, through such pioneers as Haygarth and Ashley-Cooper to the present day.

Some 600 historians/statisticians are included, which gives an idea of the scope covered in these pages. The work encompasses the early national cricket annuals and, of course, gives a detailed account of how the various editors of Wisden moulded that famous Almanack to their tastes. Similarly there are extensive notes on the cricket magazines and the annuals produced by the first-class counties.

Annuals issued by the Test-playing countries, as well as their magazines, are discussed, together with their compilers, authors and editors.

Brief biographical sketches of many of the 600 authors mentioned are given. Much of this data has not appeared in print before. It covers at length the founding and development of the Cricket Society and the ACS, since both organisations have done so much to foster interest in the game’s statistics and history.

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