Scores, players and records of the Great Matches played between 1772-1800

18th-Century Cricket

Great Cricket Matches 1772-1800


Edited by John Bryant

This major publication includes full scorecards for the 237 matches between 1772 and 1800 that have now been accepted by the ACS as ‘great’ matches on the same footing as ‘important’ and ‘first-class’ matches in later periods. Not since the appearance in 1862 of the first volume of Arthur Haygarth’s Scores and Biographies have so many scores of this period been brought together, and the new publication is able to draw from nearly a century and a half of published research since Haygarth’s day, as well as a painstaking review of 18th-century newspapers and other contemporary sources.

Many long-accepted scores have been revised and updated, with comprehensive footnotes addressing doubtful or controversial issues. Illustrated with paintings and drawings from the period, the book includes a substantial preface about the 18th-century game, plus full indexes of matches and players. All details are meticulously sourced for the benefit of future researchers. The result is without doubt the fullest and most accurate version of these scores that has ever been assembled, and this book will be indispensable for anyone with an interest in this pivotal period in the history of the game.

The volume of match scores has now been supplemented by Great Cricket Matches 1772-1800: The Players and the Records.

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Great Cricket Matches 1772-1800: The Players and the Records

Edited by Keith Warsop

The last three decades of the 18th century were a pivotal period in the history of cricket, witness to the glory days of Hambledon and its later decline, together with the emergence of the Marylebone Cricket Club as a dominant force.

The book provides more detailed information about the games during this period classified by the ACS as ‘great’ matches, whose scores were published in the earlier volume Great Cricket Matches 1772-1800. It features an A-Z listing of every player appearing in ‘great’ matches, together with their career records. It also includes the outstanding statistical highlights of the period, as well as additions and corrections to the 2010 publication.

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