The Cricket Statistician No. 171: Autumn 2015

Charles Sharpe: The Church’s gain? – Michael Pulford

Left-arm spin bowlers: the case of Bangladesh – Chris Overson

Some early cricketers from Malaya – Roy Morgan

Do tail-enders’ batting averages benefit from not-outs? – Pelham Barton

What became of a Roses cricketer? – Mick Pope

Under 400, Over 500 – Steve Leven

Did cricket originate in Flanders – John Eddowes

Origins – Peter Wynne-Thomas

Bradman’s 37 double-centuries – Tony Derlien

1000 runs, 100 wickets, no double – Steve Pickard

Abandoned grounds: Cleethorpes – Philip Paine

Obituaries – Edgar Appleby, Jamie Bishop

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