The Cricket Statistician No. 184: Winter 2018

A Plea for Archives – Mark Rowe

Fast/Opening Bowlers’ Success Rates in Tests – Ian Platt

Was Cec Pepper the Biggest Hitter of Them All? – Ken Piesse

2018 Results & Drawn Matches – Dave Allen

The Diary of Thomas Marchant: A Reappraisal (Part 2) – Aidan Haile

Electric Light Cricket: A South Australian sport 1930-54 – Bernard Whimpress

Haygarth’s Reference to a 1702 Dictionary – Aidan Haile

A Lament for Heanor Town Cricket Ground 1890-2018 – Simon Lacey

First-Class Records in Afghanistan & Ireland – Keith Walmsley

Prime Ministers Who Played First-Class Cricket – Prakash Dahatonde

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