ICC Intercontinental Cup and ICC Intercontinental Shield

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By Roy Morgan

The Intercontinental Cup is the first-class competition established by the
International Cricket Council to provide cricketers from the leading
Associate and Affiliate countries with experience of multi-day cricket.
Starting in 2004, with 12 countries organised into four regional groups, the
competition has since evolved into an eight-country all-play-all contest.
Five tournaments involving 16 different countries had been played by
December 2010. These, together with the short-lived Intercontinental Shield,
comprise a body of some 101 international first-class matches. For the first
time, the full scorecards of these matches are brought together in a single
published volume. The scorecards have been corrected and updated and each
card is accompanied by a match report describing the key features of the
game. A comprehensive statistical section covers the tournament records,
reviews of each country and the performances of every player in the
competition. Short profiles are provided of all the players, on-field
umpires and the grounds used. A brief introduction sets the context for the
competition within the overall history of first-class cricket among the
Associate and Affiliate countries. In the foreword, ICC Chief Executive
Haroon Lorgat describes the importance of the competition in developing
cricket beyond the Test-playing countries.

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