Alec Watson: Chucker?

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By Duncan McLeish

There have been doubts raised about certain features of Alec Watson’s life story. Firstly, about the date and place of his birth; investigation into the former confirmed the date generally accepted, but enquiries into the latter threw up a number of problems. The author’s investigations suggest a place of birth not even mentioned before.

Secondly, there were certainly doubts about the legality of Watson’s bowling action: was he a ‘chucker’? The author considers the arguments and sources on this, and suggests what he hopes is a fair conclusion.

There were no doubts about Watson’s success; the facts and figures contained herein speak for themselves. Nor is there any doubt about his successful career on the fringes of cricket: as groundsman at Old Trafford; as a cricket coach to clubs and schools; and as a progressive sports outfitter with three shops in central Manchester, and a big house on its outskirts.

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