Improving the Record

Thanks to the ACS’s close relationship with the operators of the Cricket Archive (CA) database, ACS members are able to help directly in making that database ever more accurate and comprehensive. There are two areas in particular in which ACS members can assist: by supplying new biographical information, and by supplying new information relating to scorecards.

For biographical information, any ACS member who has new biographical information about a cricketer is encouraged to send this information by email to, along with details of its source. By ‘new biographical information’ we mean information which differs from that currently shown in Cricket Archive regarding things like

  • players’ names, or
  • their places or dates of birth or death, or
  • their family relationships to other cricketers, or
  • their batting or bowling styles, or
  • their involvement in sports other than cricket, or
  • key events from their lives outside cricket

which is verified from a credible source.

This information will then be assessed on behalf of the ACS, and if it is agreed to be credible and reliably-sourced the necessary changes to the CA database will be made without delay – usually within two or three days of receipt.

The address may also be used to notify the ACS of instances where it is discovered that the CA database has two or more separate entries for the same cricketer. If the evidence provided is persuasive (and we stress again that there needs to be some definite evidence on this, and not just an assumption that two players with the same name and initials are one and the same person), these entries can be merged so that the CA database records the player only once.

For scorecard information, any suggestions from ACS members as to how particular scorecards already in the CA database might be improved, for example by the incorporation of additional or corrected details, should be sent direct to Again, credible evidence supporting the suggested changes should be provided.

Please note that the ‘New Biographical Information spreadsheet’ formerly used for notifying changes to players’ biographical details has now been closed. It previously functioned as an intermediary between ACS members and Cricket Archive but, as changes to players’ biographical information can now be made directly by representatives of the ACS, there is no longer any need for this ‘go-between’ role.

2 March 2023