New Biographical Information

Welcome to the New Biographical Information section of the ACS website. This section, designed in association with CricketArchive, provides researchers with a way to secure the recording of newly-discovered biographical information about cricketers, and provides all cricket statisticians and historians a chance to see the fruits of the latest biographical research. It also helps CricketArchive to keep up with this research, and thus to keep their world-renowned database as accurate and up-to-date as possible.

The new information submitted by researchers, together with CricketArchive’s responses to it, is included in a regularly-updated spreadsheet, which is freely accessible by clicking on the link below.

How it works: Anyone with new biographical information about a cricketer is encouraged to send this information by email to, along with brief details of its source. By ‘new biographical information’ we mean information which differs from that currently shown in CricketArchive regarding things like players’ names, or their places or dates of birth or death, or their family relationships to other cricketers, or their batting or bowling styles, etc, and which is verified from a credible source.

After an initial brief assessment on behalf of the ACS, this information will then be incorporated into the spreadsheet, and forwarded to CricketArchive for their consideration. CricketArchive have undertaken that in normal circumstances they will decide within about 30 days whether or not they can accept this new information for their database, and will record their decision on the spreadsheet. They will also include a brief statement of their reasons in any cases where they do not feel that they can accept the new information. If they can accept it, their database will be amended within the 30-day period.

Comments or queries from users about this venture, and the way in which it works, should also be sent to