Ask the ACS

‘Ask the ACS’ brings together statistical questions and answers that have appeared over the years either in the Association’s email forum or via Twitter.

The initial queries generally raise specialised one-off matters, rather than relating to the broader records covered in the ACS Online Cricket Records.

Many ACS members have responded, either by providing answers to the questions as raised, or by providing information which has allowed a ‘best available answer’ to be derived.

The aim of ‘Ask the ACS’ is to ensure that these questions and answers remain accessible to all.

Rather than simply repeating the questions and answers as they originally appeared, they are presented here in a format closer to that of the ACS Online Cricket Records. Where possible, the names of those who asked the initial questions, and of those who provided the answers, are also given.

Each entry is dated; the answers were believed to be accurate at the date of their original posting, but we cannot guarantee this absolutely, or that the original answers have not been matched or overtaken by more recent events.

If you have any comments or updates, please let us know. And if you have any new statistical questions that you would like to raise, please do so; we hope our members will be able to come up with an answer – though we can’t promise this if your question is just a little bit too obscure!

To send new queries, comments or updates for ‘Ask the ACS’, please contact the ACS email forum (which is open to ACS members only), tweet us at @ACScricket, or send an email to

New questions and answers will be added to this site from time to time.

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