18th-Century Cricket

These books on the major matches of the 18th century follow years of painstaking research by ACS members.

Great Cricket Matches 1772-1800, edited by John Bryant, includes scores of 237 games from the 18th century which a working party of ACS members classified as ‘great’ matches, on the same footing as first-class matches in later periods.

Great Cricket Matches 1772-1800: The Players and the Records, edited by Keith Warsop, supplements the match scores with listings of every player who appeared in these games and their statistical highlights, as well as updates to the earlier work.

Many of the details in these books have never been previously published, and the information includes corrections and amendments to those published in the traditional sources such as Scores and Biographies.

They are therefore essential for all cricket historians interested in this important period in the game’s history.

This series is now sold out.