David Harvey

David Harvey, who was the Association’s Treasurer from 1985 to 1990, died on 18 September 2017, aged 89.

David came from Kent, and after National Service in the RAF – in later years he continued to visit Sri Lanka, where he had served – worked for the National Coal Board, which eventually brought him to Nottinghamshire.

During his time as Treasurer, the Association decided to create a physical HQ, in Nottingham, and to employ a paid clerical assistant. David made certain that this package was viable, and took on the job of advertising the post and interviewing the applicants.

Meanwhile, the ACS launched four new series: the ACS International Cricket Year Book, the Second Eleven Annual, Famous Cricketers and Statistical Surveys. It was David’s role to ensure that the Association could afford the extra expenditure demanded by these publications.

In recent years, he was heavily involved in the Minor Counties Match Scores project, on which he was an invaluable proof-reader.