Members’ discounts

ACS members are currently entitled to discounts of 33% on subscriptions to two invaluable databases.

Cricket Archive

The owners of Cricket Archive have put its website behind a paywall, with a subscription of £4.99 a month or £49.99 a year.

In recognition of the long-standing ties between the ACS and Cricket Archive, and the work many ACS members have contributed to website, members have been offered a 33% discount on the annual subscription, bringing it down to £33.49. Cricket Archive have also promised to refund this discount to members who have paid the full subscription.

Full details of how to claim the Cricket Archive discount are available in the Members’ Area, which is password protected. If you do not have the password, or have lost it, contact; once we have confirmed you are on the current membership list, we will send you the password.


The celebrated CSW cricket database is run by ACS committee member Ric Finlay and contains nine downloadable modules giving scorecards and comprehensive, user-definable statistics of all international cricket, as well as of domestic cricket in many parts of the world. It is updated almost every day.

Annual subscriptions range from $AUS75 to $AUS250 – depending on the number of modules required – before the application of the 33% ACS discount.

To find out more about the database, please visit the Tastats website or contact Ric at