Test centurion batting at No 11 in Test

The following batted at no 11 in their side’s first innings of a Test match after having scored a Test century in an earlier match
CE McLeod (first/only century in 1897/98, no 11 for first/only time in 1901/02)
GOB Allen (1931, 1947/48)
MH Mankad (1947/48, 1952/53)
DCS Compton (1938, 1954/55)
RR Lindwall (1946/47, 1954/55)
SMH Kirmani (1979/80, 1983/84)
SCJ Broad (2010, 2016/17)
Of those, Allen and Compton were batting at number 11 because of injury. At Bridgetown in 1952/53, Mankad had an infected right hand, yet so badly was his bowling required that India went into the Test with him playing virtually with one hand. The catch he took to dismiss, I think, Stollemeyer, was at mid-wicket and he managed it with just his left hand – Apte remembered that well. We rather assumed that, by the time the second innings began, the hand had recovered sufficiently to allow him to bat in his more usual position as opener.
The following batted at no.11 in their side’s first innings of a Test before scoring a Test century in a later match
R Wood (first no. 11 in 1888, first century in 1891/92)
W Rhodes (1899, 1911/12)
PW Sherwell (1905/06, 1907)
Nasim ul Ghani (1959/60, 1962)
BK Kunderan (1961/62, 1963/64)
JG Bracewell (1983, 1986 – both at Trent Bridge)
Wasim Akram (1984/85, 1989/90)
Saqlain Mushtaq (1995/96, 2000/01)
HH Streak (1996/97, 2003/04)
DL Vettori (1996/97, 2003/04)
PL Symcox (1997/98, 1997/98)
JE Taylor (2003, 2008/09)
A Kumble (2003/04, 2007)

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