Irani Cup Winners 1959/60–2023/24

An annual play-off between the Ranji Trophy winners and the Rest of India.

1959/60BombayRest of India
1960/61No competition
1961/62No competition
1962/63BombayRest of India
1963/64BombayRest of India
1964/65No competition
1965/66Bombay and
Rest of India (shared)
1966/67Rest of IndiaBombay
1967/68BombayRest of India
1968/69Rest of IndiaBombay
1969/70BombayRest of India
1970/71BombayRest of India
1971/72Rest of IndiaBombay
1972/73BombayRest of India
1973/74Rest of IndiaBombay
1974/75KarnatakaRest of India
1975/76BombayRest of India
1976/77BombayRest of India
1977/78Rest of IndiaBombay
1978/79Rest of IndiaKarnataka
1979/80Delhi and
Rest of India (shared)
Several sources say that there was no competition in 1979/80, but the teams were at the ground and rain and bad weather caused the match to be abandoned
1980/81DelhiRest of India
1981/82BombayRest of India
1982/83Rest of IndiaDelhi
1983/84KarnatakaRest of India
1984/85Rest of IndiaBombay
1985/86BombayRest of India
1986/87Rest of IndiaDelhi
1987/88HyderabadRest of India
1988/89Tamil NaduRest of India
1989/90DelhiRest of India
1990/91Rest of IndiaBengal
1991/92HaryanaRest of India
1992/93Rest of IndiaDelhi
1993/94Rest of IndiaPunjab
1994/95BombayRest of India
1995/96BombayRest of India
1996/97KarnatakaRest of India
1997/98MumbaiRest of India
1998/99KarnatakaRest of India
1999/00Rest of IndiaKarnataka
2000/01Rest of IndiaMumbai
2001/02Rest of IndiaBaroda
2002/03RailwaysRest of India
2003/04Rest of IndiaMumbai
2004/05Rest of IndiaMumbai
2005/06RailwaysRest of India
2006/07Rest of IndiaUttar Pradesh
2007/08Rest of IndiaMumbai
2008/09Rest of IndiaDelhi
2009/10Rest of IndiaMumbai
2010/11Rest of IndiaMumbai
2011/12Rest of IndiaRajasthan
2012/13Rest of IndiaRajasthan
2012/13Rest of IndiaMumbai
2013/14KarnatakaRest of India
2014/15KarnatakaRest of India
2015/16Rest of IndiaMumbai
2016/17Rest of IndiaGujarat
2017/18VidarbhaRest of India
2018/19VidarbhaRest of India
2019/20 to 2021/22No competition (cancelled due to Covid-19 virus pandemic)
2022/23Rest of IndiaSaurashtra (2019/20 Ranji winners)
2022/23Rest of IndiaMadhya Pradesh (2021/22 Ranji winners)
2023/24Rest of IndiaSaurashtra

Rajneesh Gupta

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