Sussex Cricket League Premier Division Winners 1971-2023

1971Preston NomadsWorthing
1972EastbourneBrighton and Hove
1973Bognor Regis Eastbourne
1974EastbourneHastings and St Leonards Priory
1975Three BridgesHastings and St Leonards Priory
1976HorshamThree Bridges
1977HorshamThree Bridges
1978Hastings and St Leonards PrioryBrighton and Hove
Haywards Heath
1979Brighton and HoveHorsham
1980HorshamThree Bridges
1981HorshamHaywards Heath
1982Preston NomadsHastings and St Leonards Priory
1983HorshamHastings and St Leonards Priory
1984Chichester Priory ParkHaywards Heath
1985Hastings and St Leonards PrioryPreston Nomads
1986Lewes PrioryPreston Nomads
1987EastbourneHastings and St Leonards Priory
1988Preston NomadsChichester Priory Park
1989Hastings and St Leonards PrioryChichester Priory Park
1990Lewes PrioryChichester Priory Park
1992Chichester Priory ParkEastbourne
1993Chichester Priory ParkEastbourn
1994Chichester Priory ParkBrighton and Hove
1996Three BridgesBexhill
1999Hastings and St Leonards PrioryThree Bridges
2000Brighton and HoveHastings and St Leonards Priory
2001HorshamHastings and St Leonards Priory
2002Hastings and St Leonards PrioryHorsham
2003Hastings and St Leonards PrioryHorsham
2004HorshamBrighton and Hove
2005Chichester Priory ParkPreston Nomads
2006Preston NomadsHastings
2007Brighton and HoveCuckfield
2008Preston NomadsHastings and St Leonards Priory
2009Preston NomadsEast Grinstead
2010Preston NomadsHorsham
2011Hastings and St Leonards PrioryHorsham
2012Preston NomadsHorsham
2013Preston NomadsEast Grinstead
2014RoffeyPreston Nomads
2015RoffeyEast Grinstead
2017East GrinsteadRoffey
2019RoffeyBrighton and Hove
2020No Competition
2021Preston NomadsEast Grinstead
2022RoffeyEast Grinstead

David Jeater, Peter Hartland

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