Women’s National Cricket League [Australia] Winners 1997/97–2023/24

Foundation teams: New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Victoria, Western Australia
1996/97New South WalesVictoria
1997/98New South WalesSouth Australia
1998/99New South WalesVictoria
1999/00New South WalesWestern Australia
2000/01New South WalesQueensland
2001/02New South WalesVictoria
2002/03VictoriaNew South Wales
2003/04New South WalesVictoria
2004/05VictoriaNew South Wales
2005/06New South WalesQueensland
2006/07New South WalesVictoria
2007/08New South WalesSouth Australia
2008/09New South WalesVictoria
Australian Capital Territory joins the competition
2009/10New South WalesVictoria
Tasmania joins the competition
2010/11New South WalesVictoria
2011/12New South WalesVictoria
2012/13New South WalesQueensland
2013/14New South WalesVictoria
2014/15New South WalesSouth Australia
2015/16South AustraliaNew South Wales
2016/17New South WalesQueensland
2017/18New South WalesWestern Australia
2018/19New South WalesQueensland
2019/20Western AustraliaNew South Wales
2021/22TasmaniaSouth Australia
2022/23TasmaniaSouth Australia

Ric Finlay

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