Challenger Trophy Winners 1994/95-2013/14

Challenger Trophy
1994/95India SeniorsIndia A
1995/96India SeniorsIndia A
1996/97India SeniorsIndia B
1997/98India SeniorsIndia A
NKP Salve Challenger Trophy
1998/99India A
India B
1999/00India SeniorsIndia A
2000/01India SeniorsIndia A
2001/02India AIndia Seniors
2002/03No competition
2003/04India AIndia B
2004/05India AIndia Seniors
2005/06India SeniorsIndia B
Challenger Series for the NKP Salve Trophy
Team names were changed: India Seniors became India Blue; India A became India Red and India B became India Green
2006/07India Blue
India Red
2007/08India BlueIndia Red
2008/09India BlueIndia Red
2009/10India RedIndia Blue
2010/11India BlueIndia Green
2011/12India Green
India Red
The winner of the previous season’s Vijay Hazare Trophy contested with two other teams
2012/13India BIndia A
2013/14India BlueDelhi

Rajneesh Gupta

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