Hampshire Cricket League Regional Divisions Winners 1973-2019

There have been several changes to the way the divisional structure has been organised and named, so all winners of all regional leagues are shown here in year order.

1973South East 1Crofton
North Hants 1Alton
1974South East 1Moneyfields
South West 1Calmore Sports
North Hants 1RAE (Farnborough) – Royal Aircraft Establishment
North Hants 2Courage (Alton)
1975South East 1Steep
South West 1Ringwood
North Hants 1Courage (Alton)
South West 2Godshill
North Hants 2Tilehurst
1976South East 1Park Lane
South West 1Compton and Shawford
North Hants 1Welford Park
South West 2Milford
North Hants 2Basingstoke and North Hants
1977South East 1Denmead
South West 1Milford
North Hants 1Falkland
South West 2Ampfield
North Hants 2Bentworth
1978South East 1Netley Sports
South West 1Winterslow
North Hants 1Basingstoke and North Hants
South West 2Road Sea
North Hants 2A W R E Second XI
1979South East 1United Services (Portsmouth)
South West 1Road Sea
North Hants 1Crown Taverners
South West 2Sparsholt
North Hants 2Donnington
1980South East 1Krakatoa
South West 1Hale
North Hants 1Thatcham
South East 2Hambledon
South West 2Andover Second XI
North Hants 2Berkshire County Sports
1981South East 1Hambledon
South West 1Andover Second XI
North Hants 1United and Caribbean Associaton
South East 2Bitterne
South West 2Fordingbridge
North Hants 2Dogmersfield
1982South East 1Havant
South West 1Sparsholt
North Hants 1Linkenholt
South East 2Emsworth
South West 2Wellow and Plaitford
North Hants 2Basingstoke and North Hants Second XI
1983South East 1Sarisbury Athletic
South West 1Maybush
North Hants 1Falkland Second XI
South East 2Portsmouth and Southsea Second XI
South West 2Worthies
North Hants 2Reading Civil Service
1984South East 1Purbrook and Portsdown
South West 1Salisbury Wanderers
North Hants 1Basingstoke and North Hants
South East 2Portsmouth Civil Service Second XI
South West 2Ringwood
North Hants 2Pegasus
1985South East 1Antelope
South West 1Wellow and Plaitford
North Hants 1Rotherwick
South East 2Southern Gas
South West 2Hyde
North Hants 2Berkshire County Sports
1986South East 1Emsworth
South West 1Old Edwardians
North Hants 1A W R E Second XI
South East 2Hambledon Second XI
South West 2Ellingham
North Hants 2Rowledge
1987South East 1Southern Gas
South West 1Calmore Sports Second XI
North Hants 1Rowledge
South East 2Liphook and Ripsley Second XI
South West 2Chandler’s Ford
North Hants 2Burghfield
1988South East 1Bedhampton
South West 1Ellingham
North Hants 1Frimchett
South East 2Four Marks
South West 2Romsey Second XI
North Hants 2I T W Basingstoke
1989South East 1Monksbrook
South West 1Twyford
North Hants 1Dogmersfield
South East 2Portsmouth Enterprise Second XI
South West 2Bashley (Rydal) Second XI
North Hants 2Medstead
1990South East 1Hambledon Second XI
South West 1Bashley (Rydal) Second XI
North Hants 1Whitchurch
South East 2Hendy Ford
South West 2Bramshaw
North Hants 2Basics-Polhill Second XI
1991East 1Emsworth
West 1Romsey Second XI
East 2Portchester
West 2Wootton St Lawrence
East 3I B M South Hants
West 3Cadnam
1992East 1Crondall
West 1I B M Hursley
East 2I B M South Hants
West 2Cadnam
East 3R A E Farnborough
West 3Worthy Down
1993East 1Chawton
West 1Cadnam
East 2Corinthians
West 2Breamore
East 3Ventnor
West 3Langley Manor
1994East 1Hamble
West 1Chandler’s Ford
East 2Burridge Second XI
West 2North Baddesley
East 3Cowplain
West 3B A T Sports Second XI
1995East 1Liphook and Ripsley Second XI
West 1North Baddesley
East 2Ventnor
West 2Worthy Down
East 3Liphook and Ripsley Third XI
West 3South Newton
1996East 1Rowner
West 1B A T Sports Second XI
East 2Sexton Gould
West 2Nomansland
East 3Farehaven
West 3Lymington Third XI
1997East 1Ventnor
West 1I B M Hursley
East 2Farehaven
West 2Appleshaw
East 3Froxfield
West 3Pylewell Park
1998East 1Bishop’s Waltham
West 1South Newton
East 2Wildern Mansbridge
West 2Michelmersh and Timsbury
East 3Midhurst
West 3Broughton
1999East 1Wickham
West 1Cadnam
East 2Highfield
West 2Paultons Second XI
East 3Havant Third XI
West 3East Tytherley
2000East 1Chawton
West 1Andover Third XI
East 2Ryde
West 2Twyford
East 3Easebourne
West 3Cranborne
2001East 1Gosport Borough Second XI
West 1Pylewell Park
East 2Fair Oak Second XI
West 2Cranborne
East 3Ropley Second XI
West 3Mudeford
New Forest 1Camelot
New Forest 2Ringwood
2002East 1Ryde
West 1Cranborne
East 2Old Alresford
West 2Farley
East 3Holybourne
West 3Sutton Scotney
New Forest 1Ringwood
New Forest 2Wellow and Plaitford Second XI
20031 NorthTwyford
1 SouthMudeford
2 North-EastHolybourne
2 North-WestSt Cross Symondians Third XI
2 South-EastBrading
2 South-WestLyndhurst
3 North-EastBurghclere
3 North-WestWhiteparish
3 South-EastCurdridge
3 South-WestWellow and Plaitford
4 NorthGreat Durnford
4 South-EastBrading Second XI
4 West & CentralCranborne Second XI
20041 NorthFarley
1 SouthEmsworth
2 North-EastTichborne Park Second XI
2 North-WestStockton
2 South-EastBursledon
2 South-WestWellow and Plaitford
3 North-EastHursley Park Third XI
3 North-WestLongford Park
3 South-EastFair Oak Third XI
3 South-WestB A T Sports Third XI
4 North-EastRowledge Third XI
4 North-WestLittleton and West Hill Second XI
4 South-EastFareham and Crofton Fourth XI
4 CentralFair Oak Fourth XI
20051 NorthRotherwick I T W
1 SouthVospers
2 North-EastOverton
2 North-WestHursley Park Third XI
2 South-EastSarisbury Athletic Third XI
2 South-WestSwan Green
3 North-EastMedstead
3 North-WestNorth Baddesley
3 South-EastEastleigh and Otterbourne Second XI
3 South-WestBrockenhurst
4 North-EastOakley Second XI
4 North-WestWellow and Plaitford Second XI
4 South-EastRyde Second XI
4 South-WestBransgore Second XI
4 CentralSouthampton Community
20061 NorthSt Cross Symondians Third XI
1 SouthPortsmouth Third XI
2 North-EastCrown Taverners
2 North-WestIdlers
2 South-EastHayling Island
2 South-WestTrojans Second XI
3 North-EastAshford Hill
3 North-WestAmesbury
3 South-EastRyde Second XI
3 South-WestB A E Systems
4 North-EastSt Cross Symondians Fifth XI
4 North-WestWhiteparish Second XI
4 South-EastBurridge Fourth XI
4 South-WestSuttoners
4 CentralTrojans Third XI
20071 NorthA W E Tadley
1 SouthFareham and Crofton Second XI
2 North-EastChawton
2 North-WestCompton and Chandler’s Ford Second XI
2 South-EastCurdridge
2 South-WestBashley (Rydal) Third XI
3 North-EastMedstead
3 North-WestDinton
3 South-EastNetley Sports
3 South-WestBashley (Rydal) Fourth XI
4 North-EastCrown Taverners Second XI
4 North-WestWinterslow
4 South-EastVentnor Second XI
4 North CentralAmpfield Second XI
4 South CentralSouthampton Community Second XI
20081 NorthOakley
1 SouthVentnor Second XI
2 North-EastFour Marks
2 North-WestBurghclere
2 South-EastPortsmouth and Southsea Second XI
2 South-WestWest Moors
3 North-EastR N A Sports
3 North-WestShrewton Second XI
3 South-EastFarehaven
3 South-WestBurley
4 North-EastRotherfield Park
4 North-WestThruxton
4 South-EastHayling Island Second XI
4 South-WestBoscombe
4 CentralRAM
20091 NorthSutton Scotney
1 SouthRowner
2 North-EastHook and Newnham Basics Third XI
2 North-WestBreamore
2 South-EastCompton
2 South-WestBurley
3 North-EastRotherfield Park
3 North-WestLittleton and West Hill Second XI
3 South-EastRAM
3 South-WestBoscombe
4 North-EastHook and Newnham Basics Fourth XI
4 North-WestOld Tauntonians and Romsey Fourth XI
4 South-EastPurbrook Fourth XI
4 South-WestLymington Third XI
4 CentralPeartree
20101 NorthMidhurst Second XI
1 SouthPortsmouth and Southsea Second XI
2 North-EastFour Marks
2 North-WestDinton
2 South-EastRyde Second XI
2 South-WestVerwood
3 North-EastMidhurst Third XI
3 North-WestSteeple Langford
3 South-EastHayling Island Second XI
3 South-WestTotton and Eling Third XI
4 North-EastPetersfield Second XI
4 North-WestStockbridge
4 South-EastPortsmouth Community
4 South-WestSway Second XI
4 CentralHythe and Dibden Third XI
20111 NorthWherwell
1 SouthSway
2 North-EastHurstbourne Priors
2 North-WestSteeple Langford
2 South-EastWickham
2 South-WestHythe and Dibden Second XI
3 North-EastLiss
3 North-WestDamerham
3 South-EastPeartree
3 South-WestParley Third XI
4 North-EastHartley Wintney Third XI
4 North-WestSteeple Langford Second XI
4 South-EastDenmead Second XI
4 South-WestPylewell Park Second XI
4 CentralRAM
20121 NorthCrown Taverners
1 SouthWickham
2 North-EastColden Common
2 North-WestBreamore
2 South-EastWaterlooville Second XI
2 South-WestRingwood
3 North-EastMedstead
3 North-WestOld Tauntonians and Romsey Third XI
3 South-EastRAM
3 South-WestSuttoners
4 North-EastAldershot Fourth XI
4 North-WestWinterbourne and Hampton Park Second XI
4 South-EastEmsworth Second XI
4 South-WestSuttoners Second XI
4 CentralSouthampton Travellers Second XI
20131 NorthOver Wallop
1 SouthI B M Hursley
1 WestMottisfont
2 NorthOdiham and Greywell
2 SouthPortchester Second XI
2 WestSuttoners
3 North-EastOdiham and Greywell Second XI
3 North-WestLangley Manor Third XI
3 South-EastFollands Second XI
3 South-WestSuttoners Second XI
4 North-EastHolybourne Second XI
4 North-WestVerwood Second XI
4 South-EastSporting Wessex
4 South-WestSuttoners Third XI
20141 NorthBentworth
1 SouthWaterlooville Second XI
1 WestSuttoners
2 NorthChawton
2 SouthKerala
2 WestSuttoners Second XI
3 North-EastOtterbourne
3 North-WestAmport Second XI
3 South-EastServicemaster
3 South-WestParley Second XI
4 North-EastOakley Second XI
4 North-WestLyndhurst and Ashurst
4 South-EastSolent Rangers
4 South-WestBeaulieu
20151 NorthTichborne Park Second XI
1 SouthRAM
1 WestWinton
2 NorthStockbridge
2 SouthSolent Rangers
2 WestWinton Second XI
3 North-EastCompton and Chandler’s Ford Third XI
3 North-WestUpper Clatford
3 South-EastShanklin
3 South-WestLyndhurst and Ashurst
4 NorthHungerford Second XI
4 South CentralLongparish Third XI
20161 NorthStockbridge
1 SouthShanklin
1 WestHythe and Dibden Second XI
2 NorthTwyford
2 SouthSouthampton Community Second XI
2 WestGreat Durnford
3 NorthI B M Hursley Second XI
3 SouthKnights Valley
3 WestFerndown Wayfarers Second XI
4 North-EastHook and Newnham Basics Fifth XI
4 North-WestWellow and Plaitford
4 South-EastRyde Cavaliers
4 South-WestMilford-on-Sea
20171 North-EastSilchester
1 North-WestTwyford
1 South-EastRyde Cavaliers
1 South-WestSway Second XI
2 North-EastOakley Second XI
2 North-WestWellow and Plaitford
2 South-EastPortsmouth and Southsea Third XI
2 South-WestHyde
3 North-EastAldershot Fourth XI
3 North-WestDinton Second XI
3 South-EastWaterlooville Third XI
3 South-WestLyndhurst and Ashurst Second XI
20181 North-EastHolybourne
1 North-WestLaverstock and Ford
1 South-EastSolent Rangers
1 South-WestHyde
2 North-EastCrown Taverners
2 North-WestDinton
2 South-EastRailway Triangle
2 South-WestDorset Indians
3 North-EastLiss
3 North-WestBroadchalke
3 South-EastBurridge Third XI
3 South-WestFerndown Wayfarers Third XI
20191 North-EastWellow and Plaitford
1 North-WestCrown Taverners
1 South-EastSolent Rangers Second XI
1 South-WestBrockenhurst
1 CentralEaston and Martyr Worthy Second XI
2 North-EastSparsholt Third XI
2 North-WestCollingbourne Ducis
2 South-EastRowner Second XI
2 South-WestBournemouth Fourth XI
2 CentralOld Netley and Highfield Second XI

Richard Isaacs

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