Asia Cup Winners 1984–2023

Host CountryFormatWinnerRunner-up
1984United Arab EmiratesODIIndiaSri Lanka
1986Sri LankaODISri LankaPakistan
1988BangladeshODIIndiaSri Lanka
1990/91IndiaODIIndiaSri Lanka
1995United Arab EmiratesODIIndiaSri Lanka
1997Sri LankaODISri LankaIndia
2000BangladeshODIPakistanSri Lanka
2004Sri LankaODISri LankaIndia
2008PakistanODISri LankaIndia
2010Sri LankaODIIndiaSri Lanka
2014BangladeshODISri LankaPakistan
2018United Arab EmiratesODIIndiaBangladesh
2022United Arab Emirates*T20ISri LankaPakistan
2023Pakistan and Sri Lanka†ODIIndiaSri Lanka

* The 2022 tournament, postponed from 2020 because of the Covid-19 pandemic, was moved from Sri Lanka to the UAE because of a political and economic crisis.

† The 2023 tournament, scheduled to be hosted by Pakistan, was co-hosted by Sri Lanka as India declined to play in Pakistan.

Jonathan Northall

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