Lewes and District Cricket League Winners 1911-1953

1911Royal Garrison Artillery, Newhaven
1914No winner as the League was discontinued in August due to war
1915-1928No competition
1929St Michael’s
1930St Michael’s
1933St Michael’s
1934St Anne’s
1935St Michael’s
1940-1946No competition
1947Willow Brook
1949Willow Brook
1950Willow Brook
1951Willow Brook
1953Willow Brook

There was no competition in 1954-1956 and the league was wound up in 1957
There were six founders clubs in 1911: Ballard’s, Glynde, Royal Garrison Artillery Newhaven, St Michael’s, Southover and Sussex Press.
By 1932 there were only four teams: Barcombe, Heighton, Newhaven and St Michael’s.
In 1933 St Anne’s and Willow Brook joined.
Newhaven left before the 1934 season and Heighton followed suit before 1935, leaving the League with four clubs again.
Cooksbridge joined in 1936 and Chailey in 1937, giving six teams.
When the League reformed in 1947 after the war there were four teams: Chailey, Cooksbridge, St Michael’s and Willow Brook.
Peacehaven British Legion joined in 1948 but withdrew at the end of the season along with founder member St Michael’s.
Lewes YMCA joined in 1949 to give four teams.
In 1950 only two teams, Chailey and Willow Brook were left.
A couple more clubs (unknown) joined in 1951, and Belvedere and Gilmer’s in 1952.
Willow Brook were the last winners in 1953 and kept the trophy. Their home ground, also the home of St Michael’s, was the Convent Field in Lewes, which is still in use. During the 1930s the pitch was matting.

Peter Hartland

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