Nutley and Southdown Cricket League Winners 1921-1937

1921Newick (S)Nutley
1922Martin’s Athletic (S)Fairwarp
1923Newick (S)Fairwarp
1924Newick (S)Nutley
1925Newick (S)Nutley
1926Fairwarp (N)Cooksbridge
1927Cooksbridge (S)Coleman’s Hatch
1928Ashdown Forest (N)Cooksbridge
1929Fairwarp (N)Cooksbridge
1930Nutley (N)Newick
1931Nutley (N)Newick
1932No winner. The Northern Division ended in a three-way tie between the only teams in the division – Fairwarp, High Hurstwood and Nutley. There was not time to play a divisional winner to meet the Southern Division winners Cooksbridge.
1933Nutley (N)Newick
1934Newick (S)Nutley
1935Nutley (N)Chailey
1936Nutley (N)Chailey
1937Fairwarp (N)Newick

The Southdown League, comprising five clubs: Barcombe, Chailey, Cooksbridge, Isfield and Newick was planned to start in 1921, but in June 1921 the Nutley and District Cricket League approached the Southdown League and proposed a merger. The proposal was accepted. The former Nutley and District Cricket League would form a Northern Division, and the Southdown League a Southern Division. The winners of the two divisions would play off to decide the overall champions of the new Nutley and Southdown League. Separate trophies were awarded to the divisional leaders and the overall champions
By 1937 there were only two teams left in each division – Fairwarp and Nutley in the North, and Fletching and Newick in the South.
In December 1937 Fletching proposed including the four teams in one division.
After 1937 no further references to the competition have been found.

Peter Hartland

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