Bassetlaw and District Cricket League Spencer Shield Winners 1919-1954

1919Whitwell Colliery Second XI
1920Whitwell Colliery Second XI
1921Wales Church
1922Maltby Main
1923Whitwell Colliery Second XI
1925Whitwell Colliery Second XI
1926Whitwell Colliery Second XI
1927Beighton Miners’ Welfare
1928Wales Church
1929Warsop Main Second XI
1930Warsop Main Second XI
1931Warsop Main Second XI
1932Dinnington Colliery Institute Second XI
1933Dinnington Colliery Institute Second XI
1934Gainsborough Britannia Second XI
1935Dinnington Collier Institute Second XI
1936Worksop Second XI
1937Warsop Main Second XI
1938Ordsall Wire Mills
1939Ordsall Wite Mills
1940Waleswood Collier
1941-1945No competition
1946Clipstone Colliery Second XI
1947Langwith Colliery Second XI
1948Gainsborough Britannia Second XI, Thorcroft Main Second XI
1949Kiveton Park South and South West
1950Albion Mills, Creswell Colliery Second XI
1951Thoresby Colliery
1952Thurcroft Main Second XI
1953Rufford Colliery
1954Langwith Colliery Second XI

Thanks to Pete Griffiths