Strathmore & Perthshire Cricket Union – Tier 4

YearChampionsRunners-upLeague Designation
2004Perth XICrieffThird Division
2005Breadalbane XIStrathmore XIThird Division
2006Strathmore XIKinrossThird Division
2007Stathearn XIKinrossThird Division
2008KinrossClackmannan XIThird Division
2009GlendelvineClackmannan XIThird Division
2010Almond ValleyFreuchie XIThird Division
2011St Andrews University StaffGuthrie ParkThird Division
2012Falkland XISt Modans XIThird Division
2013-2020no competition
2021DalacraigStrathmore XIRecreation & Development Central
2021KismetSt Modans XIRecreation & Development South

With thanks to Alan Veitch