Oxford University Cricketers

This ACS project aims to produce brief biographies of all cricketers who played in a first-class match for Oxford University between that side’s first such match in 1827 and its last in 2020. It also covers cricketers – both from the University of Oxford and from Oxford Brookes University – who in more recent years have played first-class matches for sides named Oxford Universities, Oxford UCCE or Oxford MCCU. The biographies include summaries of each player’s complete career in first-class cricket and also, where known, a note of the players’ careers outside cricket.

Similar, though less comprehensive, biographies of Cambridge University cricketers were published by the Association in 1992, as a booklet in the ACS Cricketers Series.

The research into Oxford University cricketers has been carried out by a team co-ordinated by Graham Bullock, with major inputs from Graham Searle, Roy Telfer, Philip Defriez and others.

The results of their research are now published as an initial draft, consisting of the following:

Our aim is to make these details as accurate and comprehensive as reasonably possible, and so readers are invited to submit additions, corrections and updates in respect of any of the material published here. Any such information received will be incorporated in future revisions to the current project files. Please send new or corrected details to contact@acscricket.com at any time. Thank you.

  • An introduction to the project.
  • Biographical details of all students at the University of Oxford who played in a first-class match for any of the sides named above. These are divided alphabetically by surname into four files: A to D, E to K, L to R, and S to Z.
  • Similar details of the students at Oxford Brookes University who played in any of these matches.
  • Similar details of the cricketers who played in a first-class match for the Oxford University Authentics on their tour of India in 1902/03.
  • A summary listing of the first-class cricketers who studied at the University of Oxford but never appeared in a first-class match for the University XI.
  • Some brief statistical facts and figures relating to Oxford University cricket and cricketers.

Keith Walmsley
Project Editor
July 2022, revised March 2023