Cricket Tours

Under the Cricket Tours banner, the ACS aims to publish suitable books about cricket tours of almost any type – men’s or women’s international tours (with or without Test matches), tours by county or state sides (etc), official or private tours, and even tours that were scheduled but did not take place.

Tours covered in the series will normally be elite-level, but lower-profile tours could also be covered where they help to illuminate important aspects of cricket history.

In general, the aim is to feature tours that have not been written about in detail before. But the series may also revisit a previously-researched tour if new material about it has become available, or if there are good reasons for taking a fresh look at it.

The first book in the series was published in August 2022, covering the tour of the South American side to Britain in the summer of 1932. A second book, on the MCC tour to India and South Asia in 1926/27, came out in May 2023.

We are keen to encourage authors, new or established, to offer volumes or ideas for this new series. Further details, including a broad specification for books in the series can be found here