2023 winner of Peter Wynne-Thomas Award – Kevin Jones

Born in Wales but now living in Gloucestershire, Kevin Jones has been an ACS member since 1976. A largely-retired software developer, in recent years his name has come to members’ notice principally through his frequent contributions of answers to statistical questions and conundrums posed on our email forum. These answers derive from a cricket statistics database that he began planning in the early 1980s, and which – after various interruptions when, as he himself has put it, real life got in the way – finally came to full fruition around five years ago. His database now covers both men’s and women’s cricket in all forms and formats, and can be used to produce quick and accurate answers to just about any statistical query or conundrum posed by our members.

On the very day this citation was first drafted, he came up with the separate details of the records for Most Ducks in an innings in all List A matches, ODIs, T20 internationals, women’s Tests, ODIs, T20 internationals, and women’s first-class matches – and all within a couple of hours of this topic being raised in the email forum. How else would we have learned that there were eight ducks in the innings of Turkey against the Czech Republic in a men’s T20 International in Romania in 2019?

We acknowledge that a small number of other members have also developed their own databases which can be, and are, used to similar effect – and I’m sure we’re all grateful to them for their similar contributions. But can I take you back to the ‘and/or’ component of the spec for this award, for Kevin’s contributions have not just been limited to his direct help with members’ queries.

Over the past year and more he has also contributed significantly but more behind the scenes to two of our specific projects – firstly, by providing many of the statistics for the Northamptonshire book which helped to complete our Grounds series; and second, by developing a program for coming up with most of the Team v Team records that, over the past year, have formed a significant new contribution to the offerings on our website.

This award does not bring with it any great riches or trophies, though in recognition of Kevin’s contributions the committee has decided to make him an award of £40-worth of ACS books, of his choice, over the coming year. So, ladies and gentlemen, I invite you by waving your hands to show your appreciation of the many and much-appreciated contributions made to us all by the recipient this year of the Peter Wynne-Thomas Award – Kevin Jones.

Keith Walmsley

Kevin could not be present at the meeting, but sent his thanks:

‘Since I joined the ACS in 1977, I’ve been one of the many silent members. I think it was during the pandemic that the ACS asked if anyone with an IT background could give some time on the website. I was happy to help.

‘This introduced me to Peter Griffiths. While I was helping him, he learned about the database I’d built. I had all this data which I wasn’t really doing anything with. We started using that data to expand the website, and I was also able to use it to help other members of the association.

‘When Keith emailed me in December to tell me I’d been nominated for this award, to say I was stunned would be an understatement and I feel very honoured to get this recognition from the ACS.

‘I’d like to thank Peter Griffiths in particular, as without him I don’t think I’d be doing any work with the ACS, and I’d also like to thank Keith and the rest of the committee for the award, it means a huge amount to me.’

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