Brooke-Lambert Trophy for the Statistician of the Year

The Statistician of the Year award recognises outstanding services to cricket statistics and historical research, usually in the past year but sometimes taking into account a lifetime’s achievement.

It was inaugurated in 1986, and sponsored by Hamlyn Publishing Group for its first two years.

In 2017, the award was given the name the Brooke-Lambert Trophy, to honour the ACS’s two founders, Robert Brooke and the late Dennis Lambert.

The following have won the ACS Statistician of the Year award:

Year Winner Testimonial
2023 Stephen Musk Report
2022 Travis Basevi Report
2021 Julian Lawton Smith Report
2020 Derek Carlaw Report
2019 Eric Midwinter Report
2018 Jeremy Lonsdale Report
2017 Charles Davis Report
2016 Stephen Hill and Barry Phillips Report
2015 Stephen Chalke Report
2014 Mick Pope Report
2013 Andrew Samson Report
2012 Peter Wynne-Thomas Report
2011 Robert Brooke Report
2010 Martin Wilson Report
2009 Ian Maun Report
2008 Peter Griffiths Report
2007 Tony Percival Report
2006 Krish Reddy Report
2005 Tony Webb Report
2004 Tim McCann Report
2003 Abid Ali Kazi Report
2002 Geoff Wilde Report
2001 No award  
2000 Don Ambrose Report
1999 Brian Croudy Report
1998 Joe Webber Report
1997 Ray Webster Report
1996 Vic Isaacs Report
1995 Bill Frindall Report
1994 Howard Milton Report
1993 Philip Bailey, Philip Thorn and Peter Wynne-Thomas Report
1992 Kit Bartlett Report
1991 Les Hatton Report and Appreciation
1990 Richard Lockwood Report
1989 Robert Brooke Report
1988 Andrew Hignell Report
1987 Philip Bailey Report
1986 George Russ Report

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